Great Walsingham

Residential Property, Great Walsingham, Norfolk. Client - Private

This property has become very tired over the years due to a lack of investment. The new owner commissioned a full renovation of the property including a loft conversion and porch extension. The owner still receives positive comments from the local community for rescuing this property.

walsingham_before walsingham_before2
walsingham_after walsingham_after


Residential Property, Ringstead, Northamptonshire. Client - Private

This property, built in 1711, required methods of structural repair that did not have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the building. The property underwent major repairs including rot treatment, complete re-roof to facilitate the installation of 2Nr layers of structural ply to the roof, Helifix repairs, installation of tie rods and patress plates.

ringstead_before2 ringstead_before
ringstead_after ringstead_after2


Sculthorpe, Norfolk. Client - NHBC.

This bay window was suffering from severe timber decay, using Rotafix & engineered timber we were able to carry out repairs with minimal disruption.

sculthorpe_before sculthorpe_before

Cobbs Wood Farm

Cobbs Wood Farm Old Wimpole Rd, Arrington, Royston, Hertfordshire. Client - The National Trust

Cobbs Wood Bridge had fallen into a state of disrepair. Firstly, by strengthening the bridge using Helifix and secondly, by replacing the damaged and defective masonry with reclaimed materials, we were able to achieve an extremely pleasing result.

Cobbs%20Farm%20Bridge%20(6) Cobbs%20Farm%20Bridge%20(7)
Girton%20S%20of%20D's%20146 Girton%20S%20of%20D's%20147

Historic Cemetery Pier

Hardwick Road Cemetery, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Client - Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk

Historic pier was damaged by a lorry. Using a combination of Helifix & concrete repair techniques we were able to piece together the detached sections.

pier_hardwick_3 pier_hardwick_1
pier_hardwick_4 pier_hardwick_2

Rotten Balcony

Private Property, Felixstowe. Client - NHBC.

Rotten timber joists removed from balcony. Rotafix carbon fibre rods inserted into existing joists. New joists connected to rods and balcony reinstated.

blacony_1_nhbc blacony_3_nhbc
blacony_2_nhbc blacony_4_nhbc